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Qsys problem

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There is one strange problem of Qsys to me.I have working system tested on SOPC. 

When i migrated for that system to Qsys,there is one error in "LCD component" when open in Qsys" 


"You have set LCD instantiation =false,please replace this component using appropriate bridges" 


I have changed in TCL file from False to True then Qsys working ok but in Quartus compilation it gives me error "LCD doesnt exist in macrofunction inst". 


I have even comented that sentence but same error in compilation . 


What could be the solution for this?
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What component is it that you are referring to? (There are many LCD components floating around, which one?) 


Now is as good of time as ever to refer people to this wiki page I guess: http://www.alterawiki.com/wiki/new_qsys_issues 


When new issues are found with a workaround please post your findings there.
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