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is DDR controller support 64M single chip?

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I have some doubt about DDR memory controller: 


I found the ddr controller doesn't support 64M bytes(32M X16) single ddr memory chip, can I modify the address lines of this IP? 


I add a ddr controller,but why my SOPC doesn't require a PLL for memory controller?  


by the way 

quartus warning: 


Info: Pin write_clk_to_the_ddr_sdram not assigned to an exact location on the device, 

But I can't find this signal on memory chip. 



Warning: Setup slack is -6 ps associated with pin 'ddr_dq_to_and_from_the_ddr_sdram[4]' ( variation port 'dq(4)', 'input_cell_L[0]') ( Total of 2 paths with negative slack) 


thanks for helping me.
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