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is it a bug in the SDI interface ip?

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i use the SDI-INTERFACE IP to generate the HD-SDI signal. i first test the 1080i60 signal. use the SDI monitor to test the signal, i found the line number only encodered into the Cb/Cr's position , the y's position is not encodered the line number , always 10'h200.  



the monitor 's data is as following: 



[EAV] <1920> 3FF 3FF 

[EAV] <1921> 000 000 

[EAV] <1922> 000 000 

[EAV] <1923> 2D8 2D8 

<1924> 200 204 

<1925> 200 200 


the line number has not been encodered into the corresponding position. 


according to the SMPTE292M 5-2 the line 1924's Y postion should also be 204. 


the following is the corresponding code of the SDI signal generator.  

The sdi_if module is the SDI INTERFACE interface.  

The test_vips module is the video pattern generator ip. I use the signal-tap test the line number(tx_ln) it output is write. 


wire [10:0] tx_ln;  


test_vips DUT 


.vid_ln_from_the_alt_vip_itc_0 (tx_ln), 

//line number output,11 bits. 



sdi_if SDI_IF( 




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today i changed the code,modified the SDI_IF as following: 


sdi_if SDI_IF( 






then the problem was solved, the line number inserted into the right position. 


but the SDI MegaCore Function User Guide v9.0 page 3-27 said tx_ln signal when HD-SDI: bits 21:11 11'd0;bits10:0 LN. I suggest Altera should change this line to HD-SDI: bits 21:11 LN;bits10:0 LN. 


other defination i am testing .......