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is there a way to build a register to a variable in nios?

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My intention is to define a variable on a specific address which is connected to io bus. 

So that everytime i place a value in the variable it will automaticly route itself to the io's 

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1) Define the symbol value in the linker script, eg: 

/* Address of systom monitor - interrupts and timers/counters. * Mapped to be accessible as offsets from %gp. * See nios_sysmon.h */ nios_sysmon = 0x20000;2) Define an absolute symbol in a assembly source file: eg (I think): 

.global nios_sysmon .equ nios_sysmon,0x20000 This should also work inside an asm() statement in a C file - even in a .h file. 


Remember to make the C variable 'volatile' and to define an address that will bypass the data cache - my example above is real, but I don' use the data cache. 


Such 'direct access' to variables requires 2 instructions (because the NIOS doesn't have 32bit address offsets). The compiler can't know that multiple variables are in nearby addresses - so has to generate separate addresses for each - which adds a lot of register pressure (as well as a few extra instructions). 


I arranged for my IO and tightly coupled data memory to be accessable from %gp - but had to fix the compiler so that it would add structure offsets into the offset from %gp (ok because if the start of an item is in the 'small data area' then so must be the end).