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mSGDMA & WinDriver Wizard Code

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I am working on implementing a Windows driver for a PCIe (gen1x4) on a Cyclone V GX development board using Jungo's WinDriver. My current Qsys project consists of a Altera's Avalon MM PCIe hard IP, XCVR Rconfig controller, On-Chip RAM, DDR3 interface and the mSGDMA (configured for MM-MM transactions) from Alterawiki. I am using Jungo WinDriver for the driver development. I used Jungo's code generation wizard with the Altera Qsys customization option enabled to generate the initial driver code. I have been trying to figure out the test application and perform simple memory transfers with the mSGDMA with little success. I am going through the source code and am trying to understand what is exactly going on. I was hoping that someone could explain the following snippet of code (from the DmaDevicePrepare function) to me and what is being accomplished there: 



--- Quote Start ---  

/* Try to check the address translation path through */ 

/* (0x1000 is the offset for the translation register) */ 

WDC_WriteAddr32(hDev, AD_PCI_BAR1, 0x1000, 0xFFFFFFFC); 

/* Read the path through mask */ 

u32A2PMask = PCIE_QSYS_ReadReg32(hDev, AD_PCI_BAR1, 0x1000); 



/* Program the address translation table */ 

/* The PCIe core limits the data size to 1 MByte, so it only needs a 20-bit 

* address. */ 



/* Set the lower 32 bits of the DMA address */ 

WDC_WriteAddr32(hDev, AD_PCI_BAR1, 0x1000, 

(DWORD)pDma->pDma->Page[0].pPhysicalAddr & u32A2PMask); 

/* Set the upper 32 bits of the DMA address */ 

WDC_WriteAddr32(hDev, AD_PCI_BAR1, 0x1004, 0x0); /* Currently limited at 

* hard IP */ 


--- Quote End ---  



Where does this 0x1000 offset for the translation register come from? purpose of writing 0xFFFFFFFC to 0x1000?  


I see the comments there, but want to understand the necessity of this. I thought that configuring a transfer would be as simple as writing to the dispatcher Read Address, Write Address & Length registers and setting the 'go' bit... Any explanation/insight/tips would be appreciated.
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The 0x1000 is the offset from the beginning of the specified address space (AD_PCI_BAR1) to write to. 

0xFFFFFFFC is the data to write to the specified address
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Also try posting in the "WinDriver Experts" group on LinkedIn.