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missing Displayport include soiurce files

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I am working on the displayport transmit demo using the Opencore evaluation and ran into a problem rebuilding the NIOS project to test the design.  


After running the runall.tcl script to setup the project then the batch_script.sh file to generate the dp_demo and dp_demo_bsp folders, I included the btc_dprx_syslib and btc_dptx_syslib folders in the project. Once I add the path to the btc_dprx_syslib.h and btc_dptx_syslib.h files to the debug.c, main.c, rx_utils.c, and tx_utils.c files, it can't find the functions.  


The Displayport Megacore user guide refers to the API with the include file so I am not sure what I am missing. A screen shot of my NIOS build is attached. 


Any help is appreciated.
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I figured this one out on my own. It looks like they don't provide the source files so you need to add the library to the project file. The process for this is described in the software developers handbook under using the library. Also need to set up the timer in the BSP editor or errors will appear with the timestamp functions.