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pci express device hangs on windows plug and play drive

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I am working on a PCI Express FPGA design, targeting an Arria II Gx device, using an external PCI Express connection. When I got my first board I plugged it into my processor board with windows 7 loaded. My board was detected by Windows but did not have a driver. My firmware folks are a little behind, so I used a QNX drive that has a driver for the PCI version that my new design is based on to test and troubleshoot my new board. When firmware was ready with windows 7 embedded driver, I found that the system hung at startup on the plug and play portion of windows startup(BIOS configures device just fine). It now hangs with the original windows 7 drive as well. Clearly I've changed something in my PCIe configuration space that is causing this but I am at a loss as to what. When I look at logic analyzer data from boot I see both the configuration transactions from the BIOS and the PNP driver and then nothing but broadcast messages. 


Is there some resource that I can consult to figure out what I need to change to get it to get past PNP? Thanks.
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