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problem creating custom component by HDL code generated by dsp Builder.

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I am using Quartus v15.0 and also DSP Builder with same version. 


In my project i have to integrate my simple system (including: Nios II, Jtag Uart,On chip Memory) with my own component.The HDL code i used for my component has generated by dspba (Non adaptive 2D beamforming). i wrote wrapper for component. after i built my system, In nios II eclipse when i want to communicate with my component i received wrong results. 


can anyone help through this. 



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HDL Coder supports code generation for Simulink models constructed with a combination of blocks from from Intel DSP Builder Advanced Blockset. The DSP Builder Subsystem block in HDL Coder enables you to include models built with Intel DSP Builder Advanced in Simulink. HDL Coder uses Intel DSP Builder to generate code from the subsystem blocks and integrate the complete design into synthesizable HDL code. 


This approach enables you to: 


Use HDL Coder area and speed optimizations for Simulink components. 

Leverage Intel-optimized blocks in DSP Builder. 

Reuse legacy models built with Intel-specific blocks for simulation and code generation.
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