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sdo_from the_epcs_controller Assignment

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I am currently trying to upgrade a design (well more redo) from Quartus 13 to 16. 


I doing so i have tried using the altera_epcq_controller in place of the Legacy Flash controller in order to access the EPC16 in order to get the code for the NIOS cpu. 


Unlike the old core the 4 pins required tin interface are not exported to the top level as per the Documentation.  

When i add the 4 assignment as per docs 

• data0_to_the_epcs_controller = DATA0 

• sdo_from the_epcs_controller = DATA1,ASDO 

• dclk_from_epcs_controller = DCLK 

• sce_from_the_epcs_controller = FLASH_nCE 


when compiling the project i get the following error  

Critical Warning (136021): Ignored assignment LOCATION which contains an invalid node name "sdo_from the_epcs_controller" 

The other 3 Nodes are found and map to the correct pins. 


Any one know what the name of the node is or if it even required i have to assume this is the same as the node epcs_flash_controller_0_external_sdo in the legacy core. 


Any help would be great  


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