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simulating Altera Reed-Solomon IP

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Hello community, 


I am using Quartus II 64-bit version 15.0.1, and trying to evaluate the Altera Reed-Solomon IP. 


When I simulate a testbench program , Modelsim-Altera (Starter Edition 10.3d) reports 


# Loading work.reed_solomon_encoder(syn)# ** Warning: (vsim-3473) Component instance "auk_rs_enc_top_atl_inst : auk_rs_enc_top_atl" is not bound. 


then it gives warnings arising from my code, similar to: 


# ** Warning: (vsim-8684) No drivers exist on out port /tibc_tb/uut/rs_enc/rsout, and its initial value is not used. 


which I assume result from the problem identified in the previous warning. (and of course nothing happens) 


Can anyone please explain how to run such a simulation, or else point me to the correct documentation? 


I see there are some TCL scripts in the generated files directory, but after reading through the documentation I still cannot figure out what to do with them...so this may just be something trivial. 


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