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speech recognition

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hey everyone 


i am working on speech recognition project with nios2 and i need some help. 

after recording the words from the audio codec i do software fft (with ffteasy code that based on numerical recipes algoritem). 

my problem is that the power of the voice that i say the word has huge influence and because of this i cant recognize the speech. 

i will be very greatfull if anyone can help me and give some solution to deal with this problam. 


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did you get the data from audio codec and save in a memory ? i'm trying to take the right data and the left data from audio core to a dual port ram . how can I use two channel or ıf you use Microphone how can arrange the parameters in controller code? can u send me your code for examine ? 


about your question  


ın wm8731 datasheet there is some information about volume control and db calculatıon  

and in the cornell university final projects you can find the speech recognation project
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I'm also working on a speech recognition project. Does anyone know of a temp program in VHDL coding that can show me an example of getting the input voice (one word) from a Mic on a FPGA Altera D2E board?