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working with uart 16550 altera IP




We are using altera UART 16550 core from qsys (for now with time limit restriction ) and copied the full example tests from "Embedded Peripherals IP user guide " ( UG-01085 ) , example 8-3 . 


We build project in NIOS II operating system ucos II and run it in debugging mode step by step. 


1. after altera_16550_uart_open(...) , default baud rate =0 in altera_16550_uart_state structure. 

2. after alt_16550_uart_config(...) were the baud rate needs to be changed to 115200 we see the boudrate still equals 0 in structure altera_16550_uart_state. 

3. still, we continue to execute the first test ( baud rate test ). on the first alt_16550_uart_read(...) the test hang and we didn't see even one byte transmitted / received . 


(to make that nothing was transmitted , we have connected the transmit port to external terminal and indeed saw nothing) 


someone knows what we are missing? 



Thank you!
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