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Implementing the ADC Controller with MegaWizard (DE0-Nano board) problems

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I am using the ADC IP controller as a .bdf file in a hardware-based environment. I ve connected all pins with the used interface in order to interact with the ADC128S002 Analog-to-Digital Converter (thanks to the good documentation). 

But here s one issue I am facing with that documentation (ftp://ftp.altera.com/up/pub/altera_material/12.1/tutorials/de0-nano/using_de0-nano_adc.pdf). 

On chapter 3.3 it clearly emphasizes that the ip core is going to update itsself regulary. Here is the quote: "The MegaWizard version of the controller allows access to between two and eight channels, with channel values updating automatically." But thats not the case when I want to check a 1.5 V battery or several power banks from different microcontrollers using signaltap and watching at each channel data could get captured. I ve checked pin assigments in quartus as well as gpio header connection but no data can be caugth. Since the ADC is using the SPI protocol I can watch its dynamic behaviour on signaltap. It looks fine, but data isnt pushed into any channel. Has anybody some approach to solve that problem?
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