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Arria 10 board SOF file programming


We have started our fpga development with Arria10 fpga development board. We have compiled our code and created sof file. We just wanted to program the file and test working of our code. 

We are using linux ubuntu system. Please share us any document (or procedure) that to do the same. It needs to have selection of the device (active serial or passive serial, etc.)


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Hi Kottee,



To program .sof file:

quartus_pgm –c <cable index> -m jtag -o "p;filename.sof"

i.e.: quartus_pgm -c 1 -m jtag -o "p;filename.sof"


To list down the cable index:

quartus_jli -n


To convert programming file (.pof or .jic or etc2) or choose specified configuration mode (ps, fpp or etc2), you can use quartus_cpf


Please refer to the following link for more details regarding to Scripting Reference Manual.



I hope this will help.




Hi MShafiq <https://forums.intel.com/0050P000008IfUR?fromEmail=1&s1oid=00DU0000000YT3c&s1nid=0DB0P000000U1Hq&s1uid=0050P0000081o5S&s1ext=0&emkind=chatterCommentNotification&emtm=1552029691212> (Intel), thanks for your prompt reply. My doubt is more towards, arria10 gx fpga development kit. I have created my sof file. I want to program the file using Programmer option in the project itself. Before that when selecting the device, we need to mention whether mode (passive serial or active serial (x1, x4), etc.) 1. How to select the mode for ARRIA10 gx. 2. When selecting the sof file in the programmer will it go to the ram of fpga ( we have already used Xilinx nexys boards and artix boards ). When we do the programming (development) it will directly write into RAM of the fpga (as bitstream). Once we powerdown the board and switch on it again, we need to program it again. Once our development is over, we will create bin file which will be written into the SPI flash. I want to know further how the same kind of thing happen here (in Arria10). We are having sof (sram object file (for temporary storage) and prom object file(for permanent storage) ). For that how to set the programming option in the programmer. These are the main points that I wanted to know. thanks & regards, Kotteeswaran.E