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BeMicro SDK

I'm trying to get the BeMicro SDK dev kit up and running. It is the new blue USB stick: ( not the older red board named just "BeMicro" (

Someone should be shot for the naming of the new product... it makes it much harder to search for answers because Google gets the new product name confused with the SDK for the original BeMicro. 


Anyway, the slick marketing materials at ( claims "microSD card and Ethernet interfaces" as well as "Fully supported with examples and templates". The problem is the only download I can find for it has no such support or examples. They don't even have a reference hardware design that uses the DDR RAM, the microSD, or the Ethernet. 


So am I blind? Is there a download somewhere for a BSP for this device? Has anyone made a design that uses the DDR? Any help appreciated. 


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I think all of them are in the zip file, though they don't release the source code. 



H/W design and sopc file is located here 



This sof file BeMicroSDK.sof seems like contains mobileDDR 


Example software is in /software_source_files