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Can I have an overview data sheet for the ARRIA V that includes the new part number

We use the ARRIA V device 5ASXFB3G4F35I5N and have been informed by our Supplier via PCN116724-00 that there will be a part number change. The embedded excel sheet on the PCN (adv1828-opn-list.xlsx) defines the new part number as 5ASXFB3G4F35I5G. In order to procure the part it has to be coded on our database and our components group, (in France), require a data sheet that defines the part number. The file Altera_AV_Overview_51001_21-12-2015.pdf gives a breakdown of the part number, but hasn't been updated since Xmas 2015 so can't be used. They have the PCN and spread sheet but require more details. Is a new revision to the Altera_AV_Overview file planned, if so, will it be available before the cessation of the "N" code? Can you email me anything further ( that will assist them in coding the new part number?

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Hello Pete , Thank you for the question, I agree on the SX section it is not updated what is G means , but would that be ok if you look at the GT section and refer the G means ? By the mean time i will talk to the internal team and see how i can help. Thank you , Regards, Sree