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Cyclone 2 DSP Kit

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I have the Cyclone 2 DSP development kit. There are several examples. In particular I was looking at the NIOS examples. There is a standard, fast, small etc. One can use Quartus to open the project. What is MISSING is the .sopc file so one cannot view the embedded processor or use it as a starting point. No where are the .sopc files to be found. 


My goal is to create a NIOS 2 for testing the DDR2. If one uses Megawizard for the DDR2 the Micron Tech memoy is not listed. Thus, by viewing the .sopc one could see how Altera set up the DDR2 parameters. 


The board has MT8HTF3264AY-40E. This is 256 MBytes; 32 MBytes x 64; 167 MHz; 1.8V 240 pin etc. 

The Megawizard only has the MT4HTF3264AY-40E.  


Anyone know where the .sopc files can be found at? 


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Hey, I have ALTERA's Cyclone 2 DSP development Board, 
But I am not finding it out on internet from where I can buy it If I want to, and where I can sell it If I want to.. ?

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