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CycloneII Starter Development Kit

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Hi everyone, 



Does anyone know if the DE1/DE2 library is compatible with the cyclone II starter developement kit ? You can find the board specifications here : http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-cyc2-2c20n.html


I need to use the SDRAM that is on the board and I was thinking to use the SDRAM controller that is available here : http://www.altera.com/education/univ/ip-cores/unv-ip-cores.html . Will it work for my board ? Is it possible to use the SDRAM controller just by adding the files provided in the zip file and without using SOPC builder ? 


Finally, I can't find litterature about the VGA output of the board except the pins and the timing. Is there a way to directly display a frame stored in the SDRAM ? I have found some additionnal information for DE2 board and I am not sure whether it is the same for this board or not. 


Many thanks, 


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Although the DE1 and DE2 share many hardware features, they are DIFFERENT boards. They have the same amoiunt and type of SDRAM (8MB, x16 bit wide), so the SDRAM-controller for the DE2 should, in principle, work on the DE1. 


If you are experienced in VHDL, you can also take and modify the XSASDRAMCNTL ("Pipelined SDRAM Controller") module (from http://www.xess.com/ho03000.html) to work with the Altera DE1-board. That block was originally for the Xilinx Spartan 3, so you'll need to edit out some hardware-specific components from the controller VHDL module(s)
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Hi Every Body ........ 

Could Any One Tell Me How Could I Access The Master Mode In Wm8731 AUDIO CODEC In Cyclon Ii Kyte? 

And If It Is Through Software, How Can I Do That? 


Thank You All And I Am Waiting Your Help.......