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DE1-SoC sending data through the JTAG uart


We are trying to adapt some code that worked on an older discontinued Altera board to the DE1-SoC board. The old code used the JTAG uart to send data to the board to change settings, but with the DE1-SOC we are no longer able to assign the JTAG pins. I've read somewhere that you can assign JTAG pins as dual use, but maybe not for this board.


So my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to use the JTAG for this purpose for this board?
  2. If yes, how do I allow Quartis to let me assign the pins?
  3. if no, I presume I use the RS232 uart connector to send data to the board?

I started down this road using the Qsys but became overwhelmed with trying to understand the necessary connections with the Avalon MM and Irqs. I found some tutorials that interface with nios and onboard memory, but this seems like overkill.

4. Can someone point to an example or documentation of a simple method for sending data through the rs232 uart to simply change the values in a few registers?


I appreciate any help and direction.



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Hi Bryan,


Firstly, can you share the Quartus version that you are working on?


Also, could you explain more what is meant by "but with the DE1-SOC we are no longer able to assign the JTAG pins"?


You can assign the pins in the Assignment Editor in Quartus, have you check this out?


Let me know the Quartus version and I can check if there is any available examples designs that can help.






Do you have any followup?