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DE2-70 dm9000a NicheStack driver

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Hi guys, 

I got a de2-70 EVB and want to develop a SipleSocketServer application. I discovered that Terasic developed a component to integrate DM9000A in a NIOSII-System but I can't find any driver to interface that component to the Nichestak. Here is my questions: 

1) Does anybody know were to look for such a driver? 

2) If I would want to try to build one by myself, where to start? I would start from understanding the Nichestack software interface to the ethernet PHY but I still can't find any specification about it. Does anybody have any suggestion to find specifications,informations, examples, etc? 

I looked over the forum and find that in the past many people approched this problem, someone put links to solutions but today the links are disabled. Why? 

Thanks a lot in advance.
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