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Do all EP4CE55F23 devices have the exact same footprint, pin names, and are they interchangable?

I ask because I am planning to use EP4CE55F23A7N (automotive) and can't seem to find a ready made schematic symbol nor footprint that I can trust anywhere. How can I verify if another part's symbol & footprint, let's say ...C7N, will work. I found EP4CE55F23C7N and wanted to use it, but don't know if I can trust it.


How can I verify if it will work?


Also, if I have to create the part from scratch, where can I find the pin list for specifically this part?


If I use the generic pin table supplied by Intel, how can I know which pins to use? Should I use the F484/U484 column?


What are the DQS for X16/X18 IN F780, etc, columns used for in the pin table. I am so unsure and wish these were seperated for each part so that we don't have to beg for help for such straightforward stuff...


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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My name is Hazlina and I am the Senior Manager of Applications Engineering team for FPGA/CPLD based product. FYI, we support technical questions for FPGA/CPLD products only through the community portal at which is this portal. So you have come to the right place!


The response that you got earlier was through a different support channel - so the agent responding to you can only provide you with a canned response and they were supposed to redirect you to here, unfortunately didn't happen in your case. So I apologize for the mishap.


I will be assigning an engineer to your case shortly so that he can take a look at your questions and provide a response accordingly. Thanks.


I forgot to mention that we do not provide/generate PCB footprint symbol to customers. Customers have to generate this by themselves.


But we do provide ORCAD schematic symbols and will be able to address your questions on the ORCAD schematic symbols accordingly.


We can also point to you the right pin list file so that you can generate the PCB symbols and ORCAD schematic symbol (if you wish to do so). Thanks.




I’m from Applications Engineering support team for FPGA/CPLD helping you regarding your issue.

1) Regarding you question on the definition of Intel FPGA part number and device code information, you can refer to below doc link (page 12, figure 1-3)

By referring to figure 1-3 and figure 1-2, you can see, the last 3 digit of FPGA part number just specify the temperature and FPGA core performance speedgrade. Hence, it won’t affect the pin location or pin function of the FPGA.


2) Where do download the pinout file for FPGA (EP4CE55F23) and which column to refer in the pinout file? You can refer and download EP4CE55 pinout file from below link

FPGA is using part number as reference for pin indication. In your case, you are planning to use EP4CE55F23A7N. By referring to figure 1-3, FPGA is using part number F23 = 484 pins. That means you needs to refer to column F484 of the pinout file.


3) Lastly as mention above, we no longer support PCB footprint anymore, it is replaced with Cadence Capture CIS schematic symbol in (olb.) format.

Cadence Capture CIS schematic symbol is available through


We apologize for the inconvenience and difficulty that you have. We hope that this update will clears up this matter.



Thank you for the details!

I had already worked through this with great difficulty yesterday, and found all you mention here, but I do appreciate the details as it confirms what I found is correct.


I would like to ask if you can please share a picture of the FPGA package, with the pin names visible, so that I can choose/create the correct footprint, with the pins in their correct locations?


Are the pin labels in a standard format, such as rows alphabetical and columns numbers, and starting in the upper right hand corner?





Hi Sir

For the FPGA package, with the pin names visible you can find at example: for EP4CE55F23 you can search under Device Family=Cyclone IV E and Part Number= EP4CE55