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Factory reset on an Arria 10 GX DevKit revision E1.1

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Hi everyone, 

I would like to perform a factory reset on an early revision of an Arria 10 GX Development Kit. The board reads "revision E1.1" on the bottom part of the PCB -here are some pics- (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fjuzxg2tls22ozf/aac7mxhsvrr7hae-cv1yviaea?dl=0), but the board design files bundles available in the Altera webpage seem to target newer revisions (in fact, schematics indicate "rev E3.1", and indeed they do not coincide with my board's design). My question is: can I use the currently available Board Test System example to perform a factory reset on my board? 

The board's serial number is 10APCI30000305, P/N 6XX-44362R-0D. According to the user manual this corresponds to an ES2 silicon revision. 


Another quick question: the internal configuration flash of the MAX V contains a custom design that does not include the parallel flash loader (it is a long and sad story...). Do I need to program the MAX V with the original .pof before the factory reset is performed? If so, would it be appropriate to download the max5.pof file in the directory image\ES2\ included in the Board Test System example? 


Thanks everyone in advance and best regards. 


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I do not have a quick answer, but what I would do is open the schematics from your board and the release on the web and compare the difference if they effect the Max V you mentioned. In the Production Package are also images for ES2 and ES3 devices. The POF did not change therefore I do not think that changed at all. I am not sure if the Kit uses Parallel Flash loader by default for configuring the FPGA. But it might be the case then you will need to replace the image in the Max V. You can use the different FPGA images from the Board Test System to find out which ES release you have. It should not work if the version does not fit. 



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Hi Fade, thanks for your answer. Indeed I used the different FPGA images that come within the official software bundle to find the release of the board and after that I was able to perform a factory reset. This also restored the flash. 


Just in case someone needs the schematics of this board: the official schematics do not match the board's design, I have attached the correct ones.

Hi. I know this is getting old, but I am in the exact similar situation. I am only able to download the package called: arria10_10ax115s3f45e2sge3_fpga_v15.1.2. This is made for the ES3, and is not compatible with my E1.1 board.


So, could you help me in what steps needs to be done (what differences/corrections between ES3 and ES1.1), or would you have the actual image files for ES1.1? I need to do a Factory Reset, as my card seems non functional at the moment.


I hope you see this comment :)


Best regards