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Hardware issue on A10 GX ref and S10 SX ref


A10 GX Ref 

Have three card, 2 with PN # K11695-001 and 1 with PN #6XX-44366R-0G

We perform oneAPI v2023.1 + Quartus v21.1  

We encounter Global memory allocation failure on card with PN #K11695-001.

And card with PN #6XX-44366R-0G setup working perfectly fine 

From our experiment, we took DDR4 from the failed card and put it into the golden ( previously passed card). We encounter the same issue as a failed card, which : Global memory allocation Fail

We also took the DDR4 from the golden card and put it into the failed card. This time we encountered MMD error(uniphy did not calibrate).

And also, from the visual inspection difference between the DDR4 attached to failed card vs DDR attached to the golden card, DDR4 attached to failed card has a more lengthy pin connector


S10 SX Ref 

We have three card and perform oneAPI setup using oneAPI v2023.1 + Quartus v21.1

2 out of 3 are working perfectly fine and 1 of them have issue where PCIe cannot be detected. 

Perform experiment where had all 3 cards setup in same host , same os , same quartus +oneapi version and same step to setup. 


We would like to check on the Warranty Status of these card

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I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

small doubt, do you want to know about the warranty details of your product details only?

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