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Hi, My customer has some DDR questions about S10 DX DK as below. we cannot find in any documents. Please help,thank you!

  1. What is the total DDR capacity of the whole S10 DX development kit?
  2.  Is there any difference about DDR capacity between the four channel DDR( two on board and two on DIMM) ?
  3. Is there any special usage of one or more channels DDR? Such as for the usage of ARM core?
  4. What is the total DDR Bandwidth of the whole S10 DX development kit?
  5. About the usage mode of four channel, can the four channels DDR be used in synchronization? Such as refresh at the same time.


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for 1/2, please refer to the dev kit page, https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/products/boards_and_kits/dev-kits/altera/kit-s1...

each channel is 8GB.


3. yes for multiple application, especially the HPS (ARM core that you mentioned)

4. 4 channels x 8GB

5. unfortunately, there is no bonding feature that can let those 4 channel in sync.