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How to add a new i2c device to Demo?


Hello all,

I have a De0 Nano SOC. I have downloaded the Arduino demo, and have successfully programmed the Nano with the project. I know the LCD is working fine, and displaying the Altera logo, but, that is only when the reset button is held. I am using the Adafruit 1.8 TFT V2 display that has the "SeeSaw" device added to it for controlling the joystick, three pushbuttons, and the backlight to the display. The demo was written for V1 of the Adafruit TFT display which did not have the "SeeSaw" i2c device.


In reading through some of the documentation on the Adafruit site for the SeeSaw, the device has an i2C address of 0x49, and the PWM address is 0x01, and finally, the backlight port is on PA04 (address (bit) is 0).


What I would like to do is learn how to add an i2c device to the buss that is already configured in the Arduino Demo (I'm thinking I should be able to "daisy chain" this off of the onboard A/D converter?).


I did try following the Terasic i2c tutorial, where it shows how to stream binary information, to an i2C device, but this did not work for me.


I am just a hobbyist, trying to learn a little bit more than to blink an LED. been there, done that. I am not a student, but a 55yo Amateur Radio operator who enjoys electronics in his spare time. I try to keep up with whats new and cool... even though I come from the age of 8032's and SBCs. I have successfully built a Multicomp, so I know and understand a little bit about FPGAs and how they can emulate a CPU. But, I'm looking for a little more help here. something more than just following a tutorial. i would actually like to learn how to add and modify project to expand them to my needs.


Thank you in advance for the help.




Here are some links:

1.8 TFT Display, V2






Terasic i2c tutorial



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Are you trying to get the Arduino's I2C as slave and the FPGA's side as master?

Unfortunately, there are no available example design or tutorial on how to connect to Arduino via I2C, I would suggest that you check Arduino's forum for better guidance, here are some that might help: