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How to work with the 1080i50 incoming video cyclone III + BITEC

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I am using cyclone iii fpga development kit (http://bitec-dsp.com/product/cyclone-iii-video-development-kit/) with Cyclone III EP3C120F780 FPGA and a bitec quad video daughter card (http://bitec-dsp.com/product/hsmc-quad-video-daughter-card/), bitec hsmc dvi card (http://bitec-dsp.com/product/hsmc-dvi-daugther-card/). I want to processing the signal video 1080i50 incoming in project "1080P 4x PiP Reference design v8.1" which is downloaded at here (http://bitec-dsp.com/product/cyclone-iii-video-development-kit/). Please help me. Thank you!

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