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MAX 10 configuration device


I use Quartus Lite Prime Edition - 18.1.

I want to use Parallel Flash Loader to configure and program an external QSPI memory device for MAX 10 FPGA.

But on the menu: Assignments -> Device -> Device and Pin Options, on Configuration scheme - I only get: Internal Configuration option which is suitable only for internal MAX 10 FLASH memory.

If I change the device type to Cyclone, I do get Active Serial, which is suitable for external QSPI memory device.

But I want to use MAX 10 and I want to use external FLASH memory and not internal FLASH memory.

Please advice.


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MAX 10 FPGA only support internal configuration and JTAG in-system configuration. You can boot the FPGA from the on chip flash and you can do normal JTAG configuration on the FPGA . i am sure max 10 internal flash is enough memory to store the logic. I do not think MAX 10 supports AS configuration for FPGA as it is not stated in the user manual.Link below for your reference



if you looking for Nios , Kindly follow below application notes which explained all the methods of nios booting



thank you ,