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Prob in NIOS II IDE Build

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i get foll and similar errors like this when building project in NIOS II,and sometimes hangs the system permanently due to this error.can you pls let me know what is the problem. i was getting this and Similar errors like this for other programs of my own,then i created the pwm project according to guidelines given for this NIOS II Lab example given by altera, still i am getting this error. 

pls let me know wat is the cause and its remedy. 






**** Build of configuration Debug for project niosII_pwm_project **** 


make -s all  

5 [main] sh 6100 fork: child 6208 - died waiting for longjmp before initialization, errno 11 

/bin/sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable 

Compiling pwm.c... 

Linking niosII_pwm_project.elf... 

Info: (niosII_pwm_project.elf) 77 KBytes program size (code + initialized data). 

Info: 946 KBytes free for stack + heap. 

Creating generated_app.sh... 

Post-processing to create tightly_coupled_instruction_memory.hex 

Hardware simulation is not enabled for the target SOPC Builder system. Skipping creation of hardware simulation model contents and simulation symbol files. (Note: This does not affect the instruction set simulator.) 

Post-processing to create ext_flash.flash 

Build completed in 11.187 seconds
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