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Problem installing USB Blaster driver

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I am running Quartus II web edition, version 12.0sp2, on Windows 7. 


I have just purchased the MaxII Micro kit development board, and on plugging it in to USB port it behaves correctly, with LEDs flashing as described in the User Manual. The manual says that I must install the USB Blaster driver software before I can communicate with it, which seems sensible. So I go to the Altera download centre and select USB-Blaster Driver for Windows 7. It says there that when I plug the USB-Blaster download cable into the PC, the "Found New Hardware" dialog box will appear, and I should then follow rest of instructions. 

However, the "Found New Hardware" dialog box does NOT appear on my PC, and I don't know how to proceed. This happens however I set the DIL switches on the Micro kit board. 


The USB Blaster driver files (dll files) are on my system in the correct place, i.e: 


also same with \x32 


I assume that the files being there is NOT the same as being installed. 

So how do I go about installing? 


Many thanks for any help.
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There was a problem using the web edition of version 12.0 on Win 7, there is a lengthy thread about it. I think I downloaded an earlier version of the standalone programmer software and that installed drivers that worked with 12.0. Version 12.1 works OK, download that.

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Have downloaded v 12.1, and now everything is working as it should (until the next obstacle!) 

Many thanks for your help Leon.
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Glad you got it working. I suppose that Altera got so much stick over the problems with the USB Blaster and 12.0 that they made sure that it worked OK with 12.1.