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Stratix 10 development board failed to load configuration


I am trying to load my design onto the Stratix 10 dev board. I use Quartus pro v17.1, as the chip model 1SG280LU3F50E3VGS1 is only supported in that version. In the Programmer, after auto detecting and changing file, I press start. Then the configuration stuck at 3% for a few seconds, and it fails finally. The error messages are:

Error(18950): Device has stopped receiving configuration data

Error(18947): Device not responding


Also, I notice that the LED indicating FPGA configuration failure (D3) is on after power on (even not configuring with my own design). Not sure if this is relevant to the configuration failure.

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Hi Xiaowei, Yes, Red LED lights up after you have powered on your board indicates that the configuration is not done. Can you try to change the switches to default position and have msel select to JTAG config mode, then change the TCK frequency to 6MHz and program again? Regards, YL