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TRDB-D5M vga project

Honored Contributor II

Hello, I am using DE1-soc board and try to output VGA Image after image processing.  

The camera I use is TRDB-D5M and I want to modify the vga resolution from 640x480 to 1024x768 in the example code for the de1soc board. I just want to fix the resolution but I have a difficulty with this process. I am not modifying VGA_Controller.v and PLL, but I am trying to modify the CMOS Sensor register setting(LUT Table) in I2C_CCD_Config.v  

Is it necessary to make such a lot of modifications to change only the resolution? If I print it out in vga, the timing is of course strange.  


Please help me if you have used TRDB-D5M Camera.
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Honored Contributor II

Yes you have to change also other components (almost all) to change resolution