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Unable to generate a loadable .sof for Stratix 10 Development Board


I am able to successfully load the Intel provided ‘btsd_config.sof’ for the Stratix 10 Development Board using the Quartus Prime Programmer.


However,  I am unable to generate a .sof file that I can load into the Stratix 10 Development Board. I have a very simple design, an input clock driving a counter which is attached to some output LEDs. The .sof that is generated stops loading at 13% and the error “Device has stopped receiving configuration data. Error message received from device: Device is in configuration state. Operation failed”.


I am using Quartus Prime 19.1.0 with patch 0.03


I am at a loss as to what the problem could be???


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May I know what is the configuration setting are using on your Quartus project? May I know what is the blaster you are using? If you are using blaster II then could you try to reduce TCK clock frequency?