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Unable to scan device chain. Cant scan JTAG chain. EMERGENCY HELP PLS!!!



I have problem with max10m08SAU169I7G . I use Quartus Prime 15.1 Lite Edition. I want to program fpga with jtag interface but

when I open the quartus program;

1- I click tools => programmer

2- I look hardware set up that USB-Blaster(0)

3-But I click Auto detect so I saw "Unable to scan device chain. Cant scan JTAG chain."

4. I cant see my fpga :(

5. So Program asked me "Do u want to open the JTAG Chain Debugger to troubleshoot the Jtag chain" ? I answered "YES"

6.I click test jtag chain => "JTAG chain problem detected"

"No device detected"

7. I designed pcb card that has a fpga card.

8. I controlled my design schematic that has tjtag configuration.

9. I want to send my card schematic.

10.Why dont see my fpga at quartus??

11.How can I see my fpga at quartus?

Can u help me please ?


I send my schematic card with jtag config and important bank.

I search and implement one operation so TDO did not answered why did not fpga answer back ??


Thank u very much ...

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Hi Ocan,


Please check the nCONFIG and nSTATUS signal status if are high or low when power up the MAX 10 device. You need to scope the ​nCONFIG and nSTATUS pins on the MAX 10 side to check the correct behavior. If either one of these signals are low, then Quartus programmer will not be able to detect the MAX 10 device.





Thank u very much Nyusof  to reply my question. :) I found my problem solution  after I check your recommend. My problem is TDI and TDO connect false pins. But now ı dont have problem

thanks a lots :).