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Use of QuickSwitches on MAXII and some other PCI Compliant Dev Kits (Stratix, etc.)

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Can someone explain me why there are 5V to 3V QuickSwitches on the 50some PCI Bus Signals/Lines on the MAXII Development Board Kit while this CPLD (EPM1270) is equipped with PCI 3.3V Clamp Diodes ???  


I saw this is the case too with at least the Stratix Development Board !  

(see the Schematics at the end of this document: https://www.altera.com/content/dam/altera-www/global/en_us/pdfs/literature/ds/ds_stratix_pci_bd.pdf )  


This seems redundant for me.  

Unless I'm missing something ??? :confused:  


Since the PCI 3.3V Clamp Diodes, why not connect the 5V Bus Signals/Lines directly to PCI pins of the EPM1270 ???  


Thanks for your lights on this matter because we're about to design a PCB supporting the 5V PCI Bus based on this MAXII Device...
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