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Fastest DIY configuration for Intel Core i9-11900K processor


Hi All,

This is the first time for me to build a liquid cooled PC.   To start with, I should state my purpose of this particular build which is two fold.  The first is creating the fastest GHz speed PC for graphics (gaming and other graphics intensive processing), and the second is creating the fastest high fidelity audio/music processing station.  A high speed gaming PC to me seems to satisfy these two requirements, if I'm not mistaken.  I am NOT looking for the ultimate most expensive machine to build.  Rather the best moderately priced machine that will satisfactorily perform the job without catastrophic failures or frequent headaches for a few years to come.  I know I am not asking for the impossible because my first diy pc build  was in 2008 which lasted beautifully and dutifully until now.  But it is time to upgrade.   The processor I selected for this new build is Intel Core i9-11900K, which theoretically can reach speeds of 5.3 GHz.   My question to you fellow diy pc builders, is what do you suggest as a motherboard, a graphics card, an audio card and a liquid cooling unit.  The other parts I can handle.   Remember, moderate price with the greatest bang for the buck.  I am open to all your suggestions based on your experiences.  Much appreciated, thank you.



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"moderate price"... "NOT looking for the ultimate most expensive machine"... this is a relative/subjective topic...

what you think and what others think is "expensive or moderate" varies from one to another... even if the people joining this thread is from different countries, the economic conditions/budget could differ a lot...

There are plenty of games out there, some can run smoothly on "older machines low power"... others may need mid/high-end systems... other games (most recent games, coming games) may require a very powerful system (it also depends what quality/level of game experience you are looking for...)


For "compatibility and possibilities" you can try some websites/services for this...


To get more knowledge, you can check plenty of guides on the web:


PS: I'm not associated at any level with any of those websites...


And... there should be Youtube videos showing tests/benchmarks/recommendations for systems and components for gaming PCs and graphics work...


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