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Need help!


My son received the intel noc 9 extreme gaming system for his birthday. My attempt to troubleshoot my issues has gotten me no where. 


Every driver I download comes back saying its not compatible. I have the latest windows, I followed the instructions step by step. Am I missing something?


Then try to download the geforce experience but i get another error saying it needs a nvidia GPU.


Please let me know what needs to be done.

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I assume since you came here your son has an Intel graphics processor. To download geforce experience you need a NVIDIA gpu, not an intel one. Intel graphics are integrated and geforce is for dedicated. NVIDIA is different. You can't download NVIDIA geforce experience on an intel graphics card. There arent any drivers to be downloaded for the computer. Hope this helped.

(if you do have a NVIDIA graphics card included or added, check device manager > display adapters to check if your nvidia card is disabled. Enable it)

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