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3 independent monitor setup with Intel HD 620 Graphics Card


i read where this video card will support 3 monitors. However i can only get 2 to display. i dont want to use the labtop screen as one of the monitors. i would like 3 separate monitors hooked up. 


I have a usb-c hub that has 3 hdmi ports and a VGA port and says it can handle 3 monitors. 


anyone know what i may be doing wrong here? 


2 moniotrs are ASUS 2946

1 monitor is Acer SA230

this is the docking station -

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It looks to me that driving two monitors is a future in your HUB. I understand that if you connect laptop to the HOST 2 input only, you may output to the monitors from HDM2 and HDMI3 port. HDMI1 port is driven from HOST1.  So, in conclusion in order to get three monitor working, you need connect your laptop to the HUB with two USB C cables. Please read the "Customer questions & answers" on the product page on Amazon site for further explanation.




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