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3D Game flickering on Z2760 Intel Graphics Media Accelerator

I have installed 2 3D games on a Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T using the Z2760 processor and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator. Running Win8

The general result is that when the game starts (after game intro), a screen flickering starts at a rate grater than 1 per second, making the games unplayable.

All drivers are up to date and have tried all possible program configurations, both for compatibility and game settings.

I have not found this issue reported on any forum or support page, so I am not sure if it is my machine or a general issue with the processor and graphics.

The games in question are:

- Rise of Nations.

- Empire Earth.

DirectX reports no issue.

I will appreciate any help.

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Windows 8 OS graphics drivers for the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator on the Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2760 are only available from your computer manufacturer.


In this case you may need to check directly with Samsung at: Samsung Support


Im really sorry ictmx but our "dear" Intel dont want to release oficial drivers support for ours atom z2760 graphics processor, so all of us that have an Intel gma 3650 dont have graphics hardware aceleration on our systems.

I recently bought an hacer iconia w3 and really happy with my device except for that issue, that doenst has graphics acceleration, so i cant play any winsows game in good conditions.

Of course is the last time i bought a Tablet with an Intel processor, next time tegra.

Mental note: is incredible how a company like Intel can do that, even with the last news of Microsoft, that gives an acer iconia w3 free for developers to help developers to make new apps for Windows 8.1


I have the same problem, have desktop PC CPU Core i7-3770

why why and why intel making such a problems? I want my old pc...

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Arvydas, please follow the troubleshooting and steps available on the following URL and create a new forums thread as you are using a different product which uses different drivers than the one mentioned on this thread Graphics | Game troubleshooting with Intel graphics products.


Hi everyone,

While Diego is trying to offer solutions, it is clear from the myriad of complaints on this forum that Intel does not know how to use this GPU, and is incapable of writing drivers for it regardless of the operating system or CPU they try to tie it to. What's more they've tried to use this type of GPU before (GMA500) and yet again it failed spectacularly.

I hope one day Intel will finally realise that they need to stop using Imagination Technologies solutions, or employ someone who knows how to actually use their solutions.