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5.1 audio from intel HD4000. driver editing EDID


I'm at an impasse and could use some advice with please. I'm trying to pass 5.1 audio from HD4000 DP -> HDMI -> optical extractor to a home amplifier.  The same set up works for a PS3 to get all 6 channels. but with HD4000 and windows 10 all that comes out is FL and FR. 

Inside audio device properties you can select numerous options and with 5.1 selected when you test each speaker the same result only FL and FR.  I have tried many combinations and options inside the windows sound properties with the same results.

I have tried editing the driver as shown in this procedure:

however it seems once I edit the driver to allow 5.1 on DTC it will only allow 2 channels but each one works. I have also read that the optical audio cable will only support 5.1 through an encoded DTC.  And possibly there are some licencing issues with encoding 5.1 to DTC inside windows. Is this correct? 

I have tried reinstalling windows, using the latest dell approved drivers (optiplex 9010), and  using the latest drivers from the Intel website. 

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