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ARC 750A - No Video Signal After Initial Driver Install


Just installed my new 750A (coming from Nvidia 3050). 1st boot auto switched to Microsoft Basic Driver. Installed ARC 750A driver (w/ Arc Graphics Command Center, Intel Arc Control and Intel Driver & Support Assistant, all part of the recommended package). Installation began, after a minute or so screen went dark (Not alarming at the time), shortly after monitor said "No Signal" and went into sleep mode. I could hear some activity for a couple minutes, then comp was just idling. No response from keyboard or mouse and after 10-15 minutes I hit restart button. Get MB splash screen, Windows starts to load (spinning circle) then screen goes black - "No Signal", though Windows does continue to load in the background. All with Display Port, tried HDMI, same result. Booted to safe mode, Roll Back driver to MS default. Tried re-install (I think it said repair?) but the whole adventure started up again. Driver Version: gfx_win_101.3490.exe

Any help out there??

Thx ... DanzArc750

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