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I have an Intel DELL Precision with a core i7. It comes with NVIDIA graphics card and UHD. 

1. The Windows update will load the 3364 driver. 

2. Intel ARC and the Intel Updater will then tell me that the 3804 driver is newer. 

3. I install the 3804 driver and it is perfect. 

4. The Windows updater then reverts to 3364 on the next reboot, without telling me. 


Please do not tell me I should use the dell updater, I would rather ran across hot coals they are so far behind.  

3804 works, why is it not in the Windows Updater.  


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John, I'll try to be gentle with this;


Get used to it.


That's windows update for ya.


You need to reinstall the Intel stuff afterwards.


And sadly you will probably have to do so every time windows updates.

(pretend you are mopping the floor after they leave the house)


Sorry,  but right now that's the way things are.

Windows can manage the 3364 but it can't manage the 3804 yet.

So it back-dates ya. Write it up to lazy programmers... with dirty boots.


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@Bill_Mars "Get used to it.  That's windows update for ya."


Rubbish.  The issue is a lack of communication between Intel and Microsoft.


To keep 3804, install it whichever way you want.  Then, after the reboot, immediately run the microsoft wuShowHide utility (attached here) to block/hide the Microsoft 3364 update.  It is a cab file.  Just run it.


Bill, if you do not know the answer, do not answer with something like "get used to it".  That is not helpful at all.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Thanks I should have remembered about the show hide program.  

There is a tremendous book by John Buchan called Greenmantle.  

You remind me of the character in the book who is everywhere.  Jolly good read and you can get it at the Gutenberg library. 

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