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Accidentally uninstalled Intel 4000 Graphics from Device Manager now only see a black screen

Just today I accidentally uninstalled the Intel 4000 Graphics from the device manager on my PC and as soon as I did the screen went black to a no signal display before shutting off. Now I've been trying to get it back for hours and it's been driving me crazy. Is there anyway to reintall this? Whenever I boot up the desktop it just gives the same no signal and then goes to black. I can still hear system noises like it logging on and such but jut can't see anything on screen whether it is through the vga or the hdmi slots. Any help would greatly be appreciated thank you!

Specs are well, I simply do not know as I am not tech savvy enough to tell I just know I have an Asrock Z77 Motherboard for this.

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Hi InfernoChaos,

Based on your description, I recommend you the following:

1- Check the monitor cables.

2- Access Safe Mode with networking by pressing F8. By doing this, the computer should boot and you should see image with the minimum drivers the operating system needs to boot.

  1. If you accessed Safe Mode, install access the following link to download the driver for your controller at the following link:

In the case that you are still no getting video, my best recommendation is for you to contact the computer manufacturer for them to guide you with troubleshooting steps on your board.

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