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Black Screen after update Intel xe viedo Driver


Hi, I've been trying to make my Intel HD Graphics xe on Windows 10 for the last day.


I have a dell inspiron 5402 with Windows* 10 21H2 19044.1826


I've formatted my PC, and I chose to install Windows 10 but the issue its the same

The installation goes fine, but as soon as the Intel driver is installed, the screen goes black and never turn on again, not even on reboot.


The only solution to make the screen come back is for me to boot in safe mode and uninstall the Intel drivers.


The problem is that Windows reinstall the driver as soon as it can via windows Update, and as soon as this happens, immediate black screen.

I was try update by dell support page or dowload directly by intel page but the issue not solve.

Version, A10

I've been searching online for the past day for a solution, so far nothing worked. Am I the only one with this problem? Do any of you have a solution?





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Usually not needed, but just in case since you have formatted the PC, first go to the dell website and download and install the Chipset inf files or driver...

Then, download the graphics driver from dell website and save it on the computer. Also, download and save on the computer the Microsoft wushowhide utility following @AlHill  instructions in this thread.

Then, disconnect from the internet, uninstall the "windows graphics driver", reboot, install the graphics driver from dell (downloaded before), reboot, reconnect internet and run the wushowhide utility to hide the Windows graphics update...


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