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Can I disable SOME not all hot keys


Is there a way disable some hot keys leaving just 3 hot keys active. I am using:

Lenovo T50

Accelerator in Use: "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD" 

Video Bios: 1998.1

I tried to find a updated driver but it was too difficult so I don't know if there is one.

This seem particularly stupid to not allow me to choose JUST the hot keys I want. Are the settings stored in a file or registry if I have to hack this. My current workaround is to use a 4 key sequence for hot keys I don't want (see attached).

(I also miss the save "profiles" option which I have on another machine for quick switching display layouts.

Yes I know it's an old unsupported OS, and I know the risks this laptop is for home use.)

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Hello ScottQ,


Thank you for posting on the Intel* Community.


Unfortunately, due to this product being discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website ( helpful to address your request.


Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

Jose V.

Intel® Customer Support Technician

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