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Can we increase video ram in Intel graphics card UHD 605


I have a problem reguarding intel graphics card UHD 605 in increasing video ram it shows me 128mb dedicated video ram whenever. I try to increase it by using registery editor. I increased by placing the file folder name GMM and giving it Dedicated Segment size giving it value in decimal 512mb video ram.


So please can you fix it so that I can play using 512mb video ram and more games to play and enjoy.


Name :Anirudda 

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Do not confuse dedicated video memory (controlled by your motherboard bios) and system video memory (which uses a percentage of your system memory).   There is no need for dedicated video memory today.  You want more memory for video, add more system memory. 

There is no "fix" for handling DVM.  Also, modern games and software do not used DVM.


And, stop messing with the registry. 


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