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Como aumentar memoria dedicada de video ? windows 8

resulta que tengo el juego pes 2014 pero no me reconoce la vram, me dice que solo tengo 32mb pero mi tarjeta grafica es de 1,7 gb y nose como combinar o aumentar la memoria de video dedicada, ya que al instalar nuevos driver tampoco aumenta.

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As you may know, Intel graphics do not have dedicated memory but utilizes some of the computer's system memory. 1.7 GB would be the maximum that could be dynamically assigned depending on the DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) settings of your system. If your computer is configured to use DVMT, graphics memory is allocated based on system requirements and application demands (up to the configured maximum amount). I suggest that you check the article posted here: Graphics | Graphics Memory FAQ For Windows* 2000/XP/Vista/7

Furthermore, please check the information posted on the following link: Graphics | Game troubleshooting with Intel graphics products

After reviewing this information, please check with your game developer to see if the system you have meets the minimum requirements to play this game, and follow the indications from that article under "Checklist for contacting Intel Customer Support"

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