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Configuring LG TV as external monitor for a MacBook


I'm trying to configure an LG TV (22LG30R) as external monitor for my MacBook (second generation), which has an Intel GMA 950 graphic accelerator. I've tried two different setups:

1) RGB connection (using a mini-DVI to VGA adapter and a VGA to VGA cable)


In this mode, the maximum resolution is 1680x1050. However, the image is blurry, specially in texts and window borders.

2) HDMI connection (using a mini-DVI to DVI adapter and an HDMI to DVI-D single link cable)


In this mode, the maximum resolution is 1920x1080 (interlaced or progressive). However, the output image is not full screen, even though this is the maximum resolution for the external monitor. There are black borders on the four sides of the screen. If I tick the zooming/scaling checkbox under the TV output options, the external image becomes bigger than the TV, making the upper and lower menus disappear.

In all cases, I'm using the extended monitor configuration (different resolutions for the external monitor and the MacBook screen). I've tried to configure the external monitor in both Mac OS X 10.5 and Windows Vista, but the result was the same.

Is there any way to configure the external monitor properly? Why are there black borders even though I'm using the TV's maximum resolution?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi tiagobt,

Did you try the keyboard buttons to change the video outputs? Also see the Intel Display Utility that comes with the driver and also get the latest version of the driver to resolve the HDMI issues

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