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DWM.EXE Memory Leak Still Occuring after Suggested Update


This article, dwm.exe (Desktop Window Manager) Produces a Memory Leak with Drivers... (, suggests that the dwm.exe Memory Leak has been resolved in Driver version and above.

We have tried applying this and the one released a few days ago ( to a few of our devices and have validated the driver has succesfully installed (and we've restarted, etc.) but the memory leaks persist.

We see Resource-Exhaustion-Detector trigger in the System log followed by dwm.exe crashing in the Application log (exception code 0xc00001ad) so the symptoms in the Intel KB persist for us even after updating the drivers to or above.

If it's of relevance we are using Dell Optiplex 7080 devices (Support for OptiPlex 7080 XE Micro Form Factor | Overview | Dell UK) with the native Intel 630 card.

Any ideas how we can resolve this? Are Intel aware of any ongoing DWM issues that remain in the new driver version?

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