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Dedicated Video memory - HD Graphics 620


Hello Everyone,

I'm trying without success to Increase the Dedicated Viedo memory of my ACER Laptop, Intel Graphics HD 620 from  128 mb to 512 mb.   ** 8GB RAM on this system

There are many posts & videos that say it can be done via Registry - adding a GMM folder under Intel &

opening a new DWORD Key with DedicatedSegmentSize = 512 (Hex).   This didn't work for me at all.

If anyone knows a way to do that,  let me know.

one more note - I tried looking for an option in BIOS setup, and there is none.





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Dedicated video memory is controlled by the bios, and is worthless in today's world.

What you need to know is that, with 8GB  of system memory, your graphics will allocate up to 50% of memory as needed.

If you have OLD, OLD, games that still want to deal with dedicated video, tell them to get with the times and fixe their product.  If you insist on dedicated video memory, ask acer what their laptop supports and stop messing with the registry.





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@AlHill  ,
     I am fully aware that its not actually an Increase but a 'FAKE' to tell the game/app that it can use the VRAM .   However,  there is no other way to solve the issue .  Sounds from your comment that "messing with the registry" is pissing you off somehow ? ,   Take emotions out of this please and treat it as a client trying to solve a SUPER SIMPLE problem,  regardless of how "OLD OLD" the game/app it.
Bottom line, companies like Microsoft have an actual "compatibly mode" with older versions of their windows product to run just about anything that was running on old systems (win95,98,vista,7 etc..).
and in this case - a simple driver update OR Patch that would enable users to increase the DVM is all that
needed.  but Intel just doesn't care... 
   I see that ill get no help here.     Have a good day Sir,
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No emotion here, just stating the facts. 

I believe users should not have access to the registry.

Compatibility mode is a crutch for those who do not want to update their product.

And, you have a wonderful day as well.

Doc (just a customer)


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