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Doom Eternal integrated graphics problem


Okay so i have an imac with bootcamp and i know that with core i5-7360U and Intel Iris plus 640 with 16 gb of ram I should not be able to run Doom Eternal but Doom 2016 run suprisingly well and i saw how optimized DE is and how it runs on low end hardware. I will happily try to run it on the lowest settings possible but i was not able to launch it at all. With the drivers i could not get past the light sensitivity warning. After that i got a black screen for a while with cpu usage at 90% and then it crashed without any error windows. With the new BETA drivers it would not even start. Instead it showed a black screen for a split second. Some people got the the main menu but it did not render. I did not get to the main menu with any driver version.

Does anyone have any tips on running the game?


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I can confirm that on my end i'm having the same issues. Tested on an i5 6200u + Intel HD 520 + 8 gb ram . To resume:


Driver Version: - With this driver it gets to the main menu, but it's unable to render it properly (black rendering)


Driver Version: - Crashes before reaching the main menu


Driver Version: - Crashes on startup




Same thing happening on my Iris Plus G7 integrated graphics. I can't believe we've gone back to square 1 with how the old January drivers (7755) didn't want to boot. What's even more jarring is that the newest Beta driver (8236) contains in the changelog yet again that "DE crashes were fixed" (this was originally put in 7985 as an issue, addressed as "fixed" in 8141 (when it only made it worse) and then later removed from the changelog in 8190) whereas now the game won't even bother to boot on this 8236 driver. I hope Intel addresses this because they've literally regressed all progress in fixing the game ever since 7985 was replaced for 8141.


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